Client: Self-directed (School)

For this assignment I was tasked with rebranding an existing restaurant using a past art style as inspiration. I chose Name Japanese Restaurant because of my love of sushi and was inspired by the De Stijl art style. I chose De Stijl because I wanted to use pieces of sushi in the actual logo, and the abstract/contained shapes associated with De Stijl helped form the hand-drawn logo. I changed the logo quite a bit from the original but kept a similar red as the main vibrant colour; as well as expanded on the palette, adding lighter colours to balance out the dark navy. The pattern in the brand is broken up pieces of the logo, representing scattered food after a meal, which contrasts the contained, clean logo representing sushi on display.

 Logotype: Hand-drawn

Nami Pattern_04
Nami Pattern_03
Nami Pattern_02
Nami Pattern_01
Nami Mockup 2
Nami Mockup 1
Nami Mockup 3
Nami Mockup 4

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