Client: Self-directed (School)

For this project I was tasked with rebranding a well known, established company. The challenge was to keep the tone of the brand consistent, but clean up the look. I chose Comfort Inn because I was drawn to their placement of their logo; you never see the current Comfort Inn logo outside of their standard blue box, and I wanted to create an icon and colour palette that would be more versatile, and able to be placed literally outside the box. I did this by creating a gradient using their existing icon’s sunset colours, which blended and darkened them allowing them to be seen clearly on a white background. I also updated the symbol by simplifying it as well as the type, which is slightly modified. And the graphic standards manual shows the spacing, colour, and typographical requirements of the updated brand.

Logotype: Modified Type

Comfort Inn Book_01
Comfort Inn Book_02
Comfort Inn Book_03
Comfort Inn Book_04
Comfort Inn Book_05
Comfort Inn Book_06

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