WOL Logos
Client: Word of Life Canada

For this client project I was commissioned to redesign two logos for my past employer, one for a snow camp and one for a summer camp. Because both camps are held at the same location by the same people, they needed to have similar brand identities and be visually associated. The client also wanted a circle to be used as the main icon for both logos. For the snow camp (Recharge) logo, the client wanted an “R” to be the main symbol, so I used it as a container for snow-covered mountains - which more represented a winter themed camp. For the Youth Camp logo, the client wanted to keep a campfire as the main symbol, so I simplified and cleaned it up, keeping the style the same while modernizing it. For both logos, I kept the colours either identical, or similar, and contrasted the clean “Word of Life” text with an expressive, modified font. I also applied bother logos to various branding and promotional material.

Recharge/Youth Camp Type: Modified

Family Fun Day Slide_02
Camp FB Cover
Camp Brochure 2019
Recharge Poster_03

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